What Is The Nature Of An Enzyme

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Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in living organisms. They regulate the rate at which chemical reactions proceed without themselves being altered in the process . Each cell contains thousands of enzymes that provide specific help throughout the body. Enzymes help with the chemical reactions that keep a person alive and well.

Enzymes are made up of amino acids and have a specific three-dimensional shape. This shape is important because it determines how the enzyme will interact with other molecules. The active site of an enzyme is where the chemical reaction takes place. The active site is a small part of the enzyme that is specifically shaped to fit the molecule that it will react with.

Enzymes are involved in many different types of chemical reactions in the body. For example, enzymes are involved in breaking down food molecules into smaller molecules that can be absorbed by the body. Enzymes are also involved in building up larger molecules from smaller ones.

Enzymes are very specific in their action. Each enzyme is designed to work on a specific molecule or group of molecules. This specificity is due to the shape of the active site of the enzyme. Only molecules that fit into this active site will be able to react with the enzyme.

Enzymes can be denatured by high temperatures or changes in pH. Denaturation means that the three-dimensional shape of the enzyme has been changed so that it no longer functions properly.

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