Who Is Phil Schofields Lover

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I can help you with that. Here is an article about Who Is Phil Schofields Lover

Phil Schofield is a British television presenter who has been in the news recently for his affair with a younger male colleague. The affair was revealed in 2023 and has caused quite a stir in the media. The identity of Phil Schofield’s lover has been the subject of much speculation and gossip.

Phillip Schofield has been pictured with his younger lover at an event alongside Holly Willoughby – years before the affair became public knowledge last week. 61-year-old Schofield was pictured with the young male aide at the centre of the scandal as early as 2018, in photographs obtained by the Sun newspaper.

The ex-lover of Phillip Schofield admitted his feelings for him ‘in no uncertain terms’ in front of shocked ITV colleagues at an awards night, it has been claimed. The much younger man, who was routinely invited to glamorous events by Phil, confessed his love for the This Morning presenter at the show in early 2020.

Images have emerged of ex- This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield on stage with his lover at the 2018 National Television Awards. Schofield announced he’d be leaving the flagship ITV programme earlier this month following reports of a feud between him and former co-host Holly Willoughby.

A video and photos of Phillip Schofield with the younger male colleague he had an affair with at This Morning have resurfaced. Phillip, 61, admitted to having the affair while he was married to…

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