Who Is The Winner Of Ipl 2023

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According to [The Hindu](https://sportstar.thehindu.com/cricket/ipl/ipl-news/ipl-final-2023-full-list-of-award-winners-presentation-orange-purple-cap-mvp-sixes-fours-catch-emerging-player-fairplay/article66904093.ece), the winner of IPL 2023 is Chennai Super Kings (CSK) who won the final against Gujarat Titans (GT) with Jadeja‚Äôs last ball four. This is their fifth title which equals Mumbai Indians’ record.

Here’s a list of all the award winners of IPL 2023 according to [India TV News](https://www.indiatvnews.com/sports/cricket/ipl-2023-list-of-all-award-winners-prize-money-details-after-csk-vs-gt-final-2023-05-30-873262):
– Emerging Player of IPL 2023 – Yashasvi Jaiswal (RR) – Rs 10 lakh
– Striker of IPL 2023 – Glenn Maxwell (RCB) – Rs 10 lakh
– Game-Changer of IPL 2023 – Shubman Gill (GT) – Rs 10 lakh
– Most Valuable Player of IPL 2023 – Shubman Gill (GT) – Rs 10 lakh

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2. [India TV News](https://www.indiatvnews.com/sports/cricket/ipl-2023-list-of-all-award-winners-prize-money-details-after-csk-vs-gt-final-2023-05-30-873262)
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