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Julie Elion is a mental coach who has developed one of the premier sport psychology practices in the professional golf world. She has worked with half of the top 10 earners of all time, representing over $500m in career earnings, 150 PGA Tour wins, and 25 Major Championship wins over the course of her 25-year career.

Julie Elion is also a guest on Beltway Golfer podcast where she talks about her career as a mental coach and how she helps golfers improve their mental game.

In a Scientific American article, it was mentioned that if language can serve as a container for potent memories of our earliest transgressions and punishments, then it is not surprising that such emotional associations might color moral judgments made in a foreign language.

English is a language that has become an almost universally accepted lingua franca, and the language of choice for students to learn if they want to get ahead in life. Yet most of the reasons for this don’t have very much to do with what a beautiful language it is. In fact, English is not a particularly beautiful language. Its grammar is full of exceptions and irregularities, and its spelling is unpredictable.

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