Who Is Kiris Dad

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Who Is Kiri’s Dad

Kiri is a character in the upcoming movie Avatar: The Way of Water. Prior to the film’s release, the prevailing theory among Avatar fans was that Kiri’s biological father was Dr. Norm Spellman (Joel David Moore). Norm was one of the first characters we met in the original film . However, according to Forbes, Kiri’s father is not a father, her father is another mother, Eywa, the Great Mother, the sentient life force of Pandora itself that exists in all things there, but is rarely understood .

Kiri might not have a biological father, as she might be a child of Dr. Augustine and Eywa in Avatar 2 . Actor Sigourney Weaver plays both the Na’vi Kiri and her mom, Dr. Grace Augustine from the first movie. But who is her dad? The mystery connects Avatar 2009 to the sequel, and sets up Avatar 3 .

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