Who Won The Alberta Election

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Who Won The Alberta Election

The 2019 Alberta general election was held on April 16, 2019, to elect 87 members to the 30th Alberta Legislature. In its first general election contest, the Jason Kenney-led United Conservative Party (UCP) won 54.88% of the popular vote and 63 seats, defeating incumbent Premier Rachel Notley. Danielle Smith’s United Conservative Party (UCP) won the Alberta provincial election on May 29, 2023, securing another four years in power in Canada’s largest oil-producing region.

The UCP won a renewed majority in the provincial election but not before the NDP made gains in urban areas. The large majority of Alberta’s 34 ridings went Conservative blue Monday night even as CTV News declared a minority government for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. The Conservatives won at least 30 seats, but the Liberals gained one seat in Alberta in the 2021 federal election, and the NDP held onto Edmonton Strathcona.

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