Who Is In The Partygate Video

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Who Is In The Partygate Video

The Partygate video has been making headlines recently. It shows staffers drinking and dancing during the Covid pandemic at the Conservative Party HQ. One person is heard saying it is OK to film as long as we don’t stream that we’re, like, bending the rules . The identities of the dancing couple in the Mirror’s bombshell Partygate video can be revealed. Shocking footage shows the pair twirling around Conservative HQ during lockdown when socialising indoors was banned. The revellers are former Boris Johnson campaign aide Malin Bogue and Jack Smith, who works in Parliament for a Tory minister .

The video has caused outrage among Covid bereaved families who expressed disgust at Tory HQ party video as Met ‘considers footage’ . Leshie Chandrapala, a member of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK, told the Guardian she felt a ‘physical sickness’ after watching the video .

The party was organised by the campaign team of then London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey – now Lord Bailey after Mr Johnson made him a peer in his honours list. Mr Bailey had left the party before the video was taken. It features Ben Mallet – awarded an OBE in Mr Johnson’s list .

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