Who Is On Celebrity Gogglebox

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Celebrity Gogglebox is a British television program that features celebrities watching and commenting on various TV shows from their homes. The show is a spin-off of the original Gogglebox series and has been running since 2019. The show has been popular among viewers due to its unique concept and the opportunity to see celebrities in their natural environment.

The following celebrities are on Celebrity Gogglebox :
– Davina McCall with her partner Michael Douglas
– Katherine Ryan and her husband Bobby
– Jane McDonald and friend Sue
– Rob Beckett and Tom Allen
– Tom Grennan and his dad Martin
– Munroe Bergdorf and Leomie Anderson
– Stephen Mangan with his sister Anita
– Chris Packham CBE with his step-daughter Megan
– Martin & Roman Kemp
– Denise van Outen & Eddie Boxshall
– Mo Gilligan & Babatunde Aleshe
– Shaun Ryder & Bez
– Nick and Liv Grimshaw
– Gyles Brandreth and Maureen Lipman
– Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie Smith
– Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling

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