Who Is The Idol Based On

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Who Is The Idol Based On

The Idol is a new mega show hitting HBO next month – about the music industry, fame, and lots and lots of sex. It’s called “The Idol,” and though the show has yet to debut publicly, it’s already generating buzz for its controversial content. The show is co-created by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson and The Weeknd, in which the latter will star opposite Lily-Rose Depp. The Idol explores the complicated relationship between a cult leader and his followers.

The show has been described as edgy and high-gloss by Variety . It demands a lot of star Lily-Rose Depp who plays “rags-to-riches, trailers-to-mansions” character . The Weeknd puts her through the wringer in this show .

According to Popsugar , there are true Hollywood stories that may have inspired the show. However, it is not based on a true story .

Rolling Stone published an article detailing the trouble-plagued production of “The Idol,” which is a new HBO drama from the “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson. According to the magazine, the show has been plagued by controversy since its inception .

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