Why Bgmi Is Not Working

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Why Bgmi Is Not Working

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a mobile game that is currently down and the servers have been taken offline intentionally by Krafton. The reason for this is not officially confirmed, but it may be related to the game’s relaunch after getting the necessary permissions from the Indian authorities. Some players may also face the ‘Server is busy’ error if they try to access the game from outside India, on unsupported devices, or with poor network configuration.

There are several reasons behind not working of BGMI Game. Maybe the server is down or the game is under maintenance. Other than this, there are other common issues that can interrupt your service.

If you are facing issues with BGMI not launching on BlueStacks 5 for Windows, Hyper-V enabled, you can try this solution: Go to Control Panel → Programs → Turn Windows features on or off. You will now have to uncheck different Windows features for your Windows version. For Windows 8, uncheck the Hyper-V option.

BGMI Lagging and Freezing? Several reasons may cause the game to lag even though the ping is low. First, your device may have low specs and RAM than what is needed for the smooth working of BGMI. Second, the app may have collected a large cache that may cause it to slow down.

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