Why Has Philip Schofield Left

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Philip Schofield has left ITV’s This Morning “with immediate effect” after more than 20 years. His departure comes after reports claimed relations between him and co-host Holly Willoughby had come under strain in recent weeks. Schofield said on Instagram that ITV bosses had “decided the current situation can’t go on” and that he will now host other shows. The well-reported rift with Willoughby is thought to be behind his exit, with Schofield saying: “This Morning itself has become the story”.

Phillip Schofield took a planned period of leave from his This Morning hosting duties while his 54-year-old brother was on trial at the Exeter Crown Court, where he was found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy between October 2016 and October 2019.

The 61-year-old only recently returned to the show after a break following the coverage surrounding his brother’s sex abuse charge.

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