Why Is Boston Wearing Yellow Jerseys Today

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Why Is Boston Wearing Yellow Jerseys Today

Boston is wearing yellow jerseys in MLB’s City Connect series to honor the Boston Marathon and Patriots’ Day, which are annual events in the city. The yellow and sky blue colors capture the color scheme of the Boston Marathon. The jerseys are a drastic departure from the team’s standard jerseys, which have the color red. The Boston Marathon was postponed in 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Red Sox are wearing yellow and blue uniforms as they’re part of their “City Connect” uniforms. MLB first started working with Nike on the City Connect series about two years ago and the Red Sox were one of the first teams to asked to be involved in it.

The jerseys, inspired by the city’s Patriots’ Day holiday and the Boston Marathon. They feature a marathon bib patch on its left sleeve with 617, Fenway Park’s area code, on it. The jersey colors and “Boston” in a stencil font across the chest pay tribute to the Boylston Street finish line of the marathon.

The Boston Red Sox unveiled their yellow and sky blue City Connect series uniforms to honor Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon, which represent a drastic departure from the team’s iconic standard jerseys. There will be no red coloration on the special uniforms and the color scheme is meant to represent the Patriots’ Day weekend.

The Red Sox are bringing back their yellow and blue City Connect jerseys for this week’s series against the Tigers. Boston will wear their Marathon-inspired scheme for Monday’s opener and will likely keep doing so for all three games against Detroit, manager Alex Cora said.

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