Why Is It Called Bazball

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Bazball is an informal cricketing term that refers to the style of play of the England national cricket team in Test Cricket (red-ball) matches, developed in the team after the appointments of Brendon McCullum (whose nickname is ‘Baz’) as Test cricket head coach and Ben Stokes as England Test cricket captain by English cricket managing director Rob Key in May 2022. It means an aggressive approach to scoring quick runs, even in Test cricket.

The name Bazball was coined by ESPN Cricinfo UK editor Andrew Miller on an episode of the Switch Hit podcast. This came after McCullum’s appointment as England Test cricket coach, in May 2022.

Brendon McCullum was a successful New Zealand captain and known for his aggressive stroke play during his playing days by taking the attack to the opposition. The philosophy of Bazball is also followed by the current England Test coach, Peter Blake.

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