Farmer Will 2022

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Farmer Will was one of the contestants on the 2022 season of the popular Channel 7 show Farmer Wants a Wife . He emerged as a red-hot favorite among viewers thanks to his boyish good looks and easygoing manner . The show concluded its 2022 season with Farmers Will, Ben, and Harry finding love on Channel 7 and 7plus . Before final decisions were made, the tables were turned as the Farmers headed to the hometowns of their prospective partners and met their families .

Farmer Will was left with two gorgeous girls in Madi and Jess . With Madi, Farmer Will knew that she’d make a perfect farmer’s wife, being a super calming and supportive presence, and ready to move to the farm “in a heartbeat” . However, he chose Jess Cova as his partner in the end .

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