Why Is Book Depository Closing

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Book Depository is a UK-based online store that sells over 20 million books and offers free delivery to more than 120 countries. The bookseller’s closure comes as Amazon is making drastic cuts to its workforce to reduce costs. The decision to close was made following a review across the company to prioritize what matters most to customers and the long-term health of our businesses.

The online shop Book Depository is due to close at the end of April, vendors and publishing partners have been told. This comes after the bookseller’s parent company Amazon announced it had decided to “eliminate” a number of positions across its Devices and Books businesses.

Though the announcement did not offer any official reason for the closure, Book Depository’s death comes amid mass layoffs at its parent company Amazon. Approximately 27,000 job cuts have been announced over the last four months, including in its Devices and Books businesses, as Amazon attempts to cut costs.

UK-based global book-selling site Book Depository is closing down after almost 20 years. And while no official reason has been given, it’s safe to assume it’s related to parent company Amazon’s recent push of downsizing and “role eliminations”.

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