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    Will Ferrell is a well-known actor and comedian who has been a passionate fan of the Los Angeles Kings for years. His love for the team is evident in the way he dresses up and supports them at games. Ferrell’s fandom has even gained him recognition from players on the team.

    In fact, Ferrell has been seen cheering the team on many times from the stands. He has even sported face paint while cheering on the Kings against the Edmonton Oilers in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

    Ferrell’s fandom has also led to some hilarious moments. For instance, he was caught on camera talking to a friend about how a hot dog is not a sandwich during a game.

    It’s clear that Will Ferrell is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Kings and his passion for the team is infectious. If you’re interested in learning more about his fandom or the Kings themselves, I’d be happy to help you out with that too.
    Will Ferrell is a well-known fan of the LA Kings. He has been seen sporting a black and white checkerboard on his face in support of the LA Kings during the Stanley Cup Playoffs . He also wore a Kings bomber jacket as well as a black and white beanie. In March 2019, he made a special appearance at the Kings vs. San Jose Sharks game as his classic ‘Anchorman’ character Ron Burgundy and was a color commentator for the game. In December 2022, Ferrell opened up about his Kings fandom on the YouTube show ‘Hot Ones’ where he sported a Kings sweatshirt and talked about how he mimics a video he made for the team whenever they showed him up on the jumbotron.

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