We Will Rock You Cast 2023

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    The cast for the new production of We Will Rock You at the London Coliseum has been announced. The cast includes Brenda Edwards as Killer Queen, Lee Mead as Khashoggi, Ian McIntosh as Galileo Figaro, and Elena Skye as Scaramouche. The cast is completed by Christine Allado (Meat), Adrian Hansel (Brit), Jenny O’Leary (alternate Killer Queen) and the ensemble comprises Glenn Adamson, Laura Ava-Scott, Esme Bacalla-Hayes, Liam Buckland, David Burilin, Victoria Collins, Isaac Edwards, Leanne Garretty, Lucy Glover, Ryesha Higgs, Ellis Linford-Pill, Shak Mancel James, David McIntosh, Danny Nattrass, Jarryd Nurden, Sam Robinson, Madison Swan, Karen Walker and Rebecca Wickes .

    The new production is set to run for 12 weeks at the London Coliseum. Unfortunately I could not find more information about the cast without a title or more paragraphs.

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